Hello world!

I am lying on my side in bed, expecting to fall asleep. The room is dark. My eyes are partially open as I start to slowly drift off. I am in a pre-dream state of mind, not sure if I am still awake or beginning to dream. I notice a subtle flickering of lights on the wall and curtains. It’s as if large geometric patterns of light are being projected around the room. The lights are ominous and I become afraid. I will myself to open my eyes and I see all is normal. It is dark, I am tired, ready for sleep. I let go of the fear and relax.

I again being to enter the pre-dream state. Slowly, very subtly at first, the flickering of the lights begins again. My awareness is dim. The lights have a hypnotic effect on me. They are lulling me to sleep but the more they grow the more my fear grows again and I struggle not to succumb. I can feel myself being pulled into darkness. A large dark shadow is about to engulf me and my fear has grown immense. I resist the sleep and force myself to open my eyes again.

The entire process plays itself out again only this time, when I wake up, I am really awake. The first two times, I was waking up in my dream. This time, I am fully aware and awake wondering what just happened.